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I Can Read Hub

Register for our upcoming open houses and roadshows, or explore our popular Grammar Booster and holiday programmes to provide your child with a solid foundation in English.

Roadshow @ Hillion Mall

I Can Read's Roadshow @ Hillion Mall from 24-29 May is the perfect gateway to a world where words weave magic and stories spark imagination.

Experience fun and educational games for your child, a FREE assessment and attractive goodie bag.

Register now to learn more about I Can Read's academic curriculum and special promotion rates!

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Banner for I Can Read's 2024 June Holiday Programme

2024 June
Holiday Programme

Explore I Can Read's Rhythm Romp programme, tailored for children aged 5-8.

Join our Beat Boppers (5-6 years) and Harmony Heroes (7-8 years) this June for a unique holiday session that merges music with literacy, enhancing phonemic awareness, rhythm, and reading skills.

Limited spots available — register now!

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Open House

Open House

Join us for a fun-filled event that includes teacher-led interactive activities and a FREE reading assessment for your child.

Book your slots now and let us help your child reach their full potential in English language development.

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Grammar Booster

Give your child's English ability and confidence a boost with our interactive
3-month online course.

Sign up now and level up your child's grammar skills with the convenience of online learning!

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Register your child for a complementary reading assessment today

Based on years of research and has helped over 300,000 children.

  • Gauge your child's ability to read
  • Identify the right programme for your child
  • Assess your child's strengths and areas to improve

Start your child's English learning journey with I Can Read for an unforgettable adventure of discovery and learning.